My 2021 in Fiction And Music

My 2021 in Fiction and Music 

So I think 2021 happened? March 2020 was a year long, and 2021 felt like a month, but it must have been longer, because somewhere in that month time expanded to allow a book…

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New album! Surprise!

I have a non-book-related surprise:


I have wanted this to exist in the wild for so long, and there were so many things that stood in the way. I think we recorded the first track for…

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New novel! New news!

I have so much to tell you, and I'm full of exclamation points and news, both book and music related! 

And now I'm back to tell you that I have a new novel coming out next week. It's called We

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My 2020 Year in Fiction

My 2020 year in fiction  

(Skip to the bottom if you just want the eligibility post, like a recipe; the beginning is reflection) 

Well, I just looked back at what I wrote last year, and my 2019 summation post ended…

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My 2019 Year in Fiction


(If you're just here for my list of original fiction for 2019, just scroll to the bottom)

2019 has been one interesting year for me personally. For starters, when our Bo dog died in October 2018 at 17 years old…

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My 2018: Books, Stories, & Muppets, Oh, My

What a year. I find it harder and harder to write these year's end wrap-ups because it's hard to talk about what's happened in my life without the larger context. Many American writers I know are still looking for ways…

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My 2017 Fiction

Hi folks,

It's been a ridiculous year, hasn't it? I usually put together a summary of what I've done over the year, but looking back at this one feels strange. I edited a novel that you won't see for a…

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Toward Better Futures

I am a science fiction writer. I can name planets. I can invent futures. I can sound the warning bells, in the best traditions of the genre.

I'm a singer-songwriter, raised in folk and punk. I know the power of…

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Year End Post

I always drag my heels at writing a year's end/eligibility post. It's awkward to write something that amounts to "and now, here's me talking about me." This year, it felt particularly small in the face of everything that's going on…

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Next weekend, I'm the guest of honor at Chessiecon, a small con in the Baltimore suburbs. I was so honored when they asked me, and I've been looking forward to it all year. Even right now, feeling as down…

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