My Baltimore Book Festival Schedule


This weekend is my favorite event in my city, the Baltimore Book Festival!  They have great guests, great vendors, and all kinds of goings on. Because of construction around the monument, the festival has been moved from Mount Vernon to the Inner Harbor this year – Rash Field, at the foot of Federal Hill, to be precise.




My schedule is as follows, all at the SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America) tent:


Saturday, September 27th


12 noon to 2 PM:


Dangerous Voices Variety Hour with Marissa Meyer and Charles Gannon


The Dangerous Voices Variety Hour takes its cues from NPR's “Wait, Wait Don’T Tell Me” quiz show and Orson Welles' original War of the Worlds broadcast. It features readings, trivia, great prizes, irreverent author interviews, and more fun than you thought you could have at a reading. A co-production of SFWA and the Baltimore Science Fiction Society.


Participants: Marissa Meyer and Charles Gannon. Co-hosted by Sarah Pinsker and Michael Underwood.


2 PM Saturday – signing at the SFWA tent.




5:30 – 7 PM:


Reception and Meet & Greet with authors, music, and food


Join the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America at our reception, autographing session, and Meet and Greet with our program participants at the Baltimore Book Festival.


Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jeanne Adams, Jill Archer, Catherine Asaro, Jack Clemons, Brenda Clough, Scott Edelman, Charles Gannon, Ronald Garner, Em Garner, Herb Gilliland, Anne K Gray, Elektra Hammond, Harry Heckel, Alma Katsu, Cheryl Klam, L. Jagi Lamplighter, John Maclay, Marrisa Meyer, Sunny Moraine, Christine Norris, Sarah Pinsker, Don Sakers, Peggy Rae Sapienza, Rori Shay, Alex Shvartsman, Dawnyell Snyder, Bud Sparhawk, John Tilden, Mike Underwood, Jean Marie Ward, Fran Wilde, Karlo Yeager


SUNDAY September 28th


2 PM-3 PM


Science Fiction and Fantasy Mysteries


Mysteries in science fiction are one of the trendiest new subgenres. What happens when you add "What if?" to "Whodonnit?" Join our panelists to discuss detectives, procedure, body disposal in the past, present and future, and more. They will talk about how you can extrapolate all that into the future for science fiction mysteries.


Panelists: Jeanne Adams, Scott Edelman, Miguelina Perez, Don Sakers; moderated by Sarah Pinsker


4-6 PM


Reading –


There are a bunch of great authors reading between four and six pm. I don't know my exact slot, but maybe it's better that way.  Will report back. 

Check out the whole SFWA booth schedule here for more on the great stuff planned.


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