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The Stalking Horses on Facebook

New album! Surprise!  

I have a non-book-related surprise:


I have wanted this to exist in the wild for so long, and there were so many things that stood in the way. I think we recorded the first track for this in 2009, and the rest over several years after that. There were several times when I thought I was almost there, and something got in the way.  I finally said okay, if I want this out there, I just have to do it. 

It's called Something to Hold. My longtime collaborate/producer/friend John M. Seay…

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New novel! New news!  

I have so much to tell you, and I'm full of exclamation points and news, both book and music related! 

And now I'm back to tell you that I have a new novel coming out next week. It's called We Are Satellites and it's a story about one family and the near-future tech fad that divides them. The reviews so far have been pretty great, but I'm excited to get it in the hands of readers after it's been in my head for so long. It's being published by Penguin Random House's Berkley imprint in the US and Canada, and…

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My 2020 Year in Fiction 

My 2020 year in fiction  

(Skip to the bottom if you just want the eligibility post, like a recipe; the beginning is reflection) 

Well, I just looked back at what I wrote last year, and my 2019 summation post ended with "My wish for all of us is to have as good a year in 2020 as this dog did in 2019." Ha. Haha. Sob. In fact, for another year in a row, I don't think any of us had it as good as Sprocket did. This time, he didn't even have to deal with me leaving to travel. I'm still on the tank of gas I…

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My 2019 Year in Fiction 


(If you're just here for my list of original fiction for 2019, just scroll to the bottom)

2019 has been one interesting year for me personally. For starters, when our Bo dog died in October 2018 at 17 years old, we swore we wouldn't get another dog for at least a year. It seemed like it would be a lot to deal with in a year where my first two books were scheduled to come out, but we only made it to the first week of February before we adopted Sprocket. Bo was a character and a half, and I still miss…

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My 2018: Books, Stories, & Muppets, Oh, My 

What a year. I find it harder and harder to write these year's end wrap-ups because it's hard to talk about what's happened in my life without the larger context. Many American writers I know are still looking for ways to be productive while our own government inflicts trauma after trauma; for others, it was always like that. When I make this list of my own accomplishments, I'm conscious of the ways I'm still struggling, the ways I'm lucky, and the ways luck and hard work combine.

This was the year I…

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My 2017 Fiction 

Hi folks,

It's been a ridiculous year, hasn't it? I usually put together a summary of what I've done over the year, but looking back at this one feels strange. I edited a novel that you won't see for a while, put together a collection that you won't see for a while, wrote a few stories, played shows and went to some great cons and readings. Still, it's all kind of hazy, with highlights trapped between the traumas of phone calls and marches and rallies begging the government not to take our health…

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Toward Better Futures 

I am a science fiction writer. I can name planets. I can invent futures. I can sound the warning bells, in the best traditions of the genre.

I'm a singer-songwriter, raised in folk and punk. I know the power of three chords and the truth.

I'm also a person living in this moment, a moment when hope has crumbled into terror and anger and hatred and disgust. A moment where the party that has been handed the reins is full of individuals who say "my heart goes out to you" but mean "I will work toward your…

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Year End Post 

I always drag my heels at writing a year's end/eligibility post. It's awkward to write something that amounts to "and now, here's me talking about me." This year, it felt particularly small in the face of everything that's going on in the world. On the other hand, it can be a great way to reflect on personal progress and milestones.

2016, majorly horrible under just about any lens (David Bowie AND Leonard Cohen AND Sharon Jones, 2016?) (Trump, 2016?)  was fairly good to me from a writing and publishing…

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Ring the Bells That Still Can Ring: On Optimistic SF in Dystopian Times 

Last week I was Guest of Honor at Chessiecon, a small SFF convention in Maryland. The GoH experience was lovely. The staff and volunteers and congoers all made me feel welcome. I had a reading, a concert, an on-stage interview, a signing, and several panels. They made me into a playing card in a con-wide Concardia tournament, which I had to put onto my author bingo card in order to check it off.

Sunday morning, I had an interesting back-to-back pairing of panels: "Who's Writing Optimistic SF?" and "The…

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Next weekend, I'm the guest of honor at Chessiecon, a small con in the Baltimore suburbs. I was so honored when they asked me, and I've been looking forward to it all year. Even right now, feeling as down and angry and scared of the future as I've ever felt, I'm still looking forward to it. Over the course of the year, I've seen the care they've put in to getting it right. Interesting panel topics, thoughtful programming. Some of it is sadly more relevant than it was when they planned it, I'm pretty sure…

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