My Balticon Schedule

I'll be at Balticon from May 22-25th. There's a ton going on. Movies and games and live podcast tapings and lots of great panels. Jo Walton, one of my favorite authors, is the guest of honor. Check out their website for all the details.

Here's my schedule:


9:00 PM Dangerous Voices Variety Hour  Salon B
  Sarah Pinsker (M), Michael Underwood (M), Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
  Baltimore Science Fiction Society's own readings series comes to Balticon once more! The Dangerous Voices Variety Hour takes its cues from such diverse inspirations as the popular 510 reading series, NPR's quiz show: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, and Orson Welles's original War of the Worlds broadcast. The hour long, free event features readings, irreverent author interviews, trivia, prizes, and more.


1:00 PM Matrons and Crones: Older Female Characters in Fantasy and Science Fiction Derby
  Gail Z. Martin (M), Karen Burnham, Paula S Jordan, Sarah Pinsker, Virginia DeMarce (50 minutes)
  All too often, older women in fiction are included only to provide background for the protagonist. How can we make sure that they're actual characters with their own roles to play?


4:00 PM Readings: Sarah Avery, Katie Bryski, Sarah Pinsker Chesapeake
  Sarah Pinsker, Katie Bryski, Sarah Avery (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Autograph - Sunday - 17:00 Autograph Table
  Maria V Snyder, Sarah Pinsker (50 minutes)


11:00 AM SF/F Mysteries Chase
  Sarah Pinsker (M), Andrew Fox, John L French (50 minutes)
  From Bester's The Demolished Man to Jo Walton's Farthing and Chris Moriarty's Spin State. Robot detectives and vampire detectives and android detectives. Parlor mysteries and space station mysteries. The tools of the trade in the past (Sherlock Holmes' very Victorian method of deduction) and the future (AI, bugs, drones).

See you there!

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