My 2017 Fiction

Hi folks,

It's been a ridiculous year, hasn't it? I usually put together a summary of what I've done over the year, but looking back at this one feels strange. I edited a novel that you won't see for a while, put together a collection that you won't see for a while, wrote a few stories, played shows and went to some great cons and readings. Still, it's all kind of hazy, with highlights trapped between the traumas of phone calls and marches and rallies begging the government not to take our health insurance, not to enact travel bans, not to deport DREAMers, etc. If you joined in on any of that, thank you.  If you wrote or read anything at all this year, thank you for that too. 

That said, the fiction I read this year was a constant buoy, and I feel like the stories I put out this year were possibly the best I've ever written, particularly these first two. 


My first novella, "And Then There Were (N - One)," appeared in Uncanny Issue 15, March/April 2017. You can read the whole thing at that link. 


"Wind Will Rove," was the cover story of Asimov's #500, September/October 2017. It's set on a generation ship, and features old-time fiddles and a lot of questions about history. I was honored to be part of Asimov's 40th anniversary, both at the party in New York last spring and in this issue. I'm putting the story online for a little while. You can read a PDF here until I take it down.



Short stories: 

"Remember This For Me," Explorers, Catalysts, and Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction anthology, December 2017

 "The Smoke Means Its Working," Behind the Mask anthology

"The Ones Who Know Where They Are Going," Asimov's, March/April 2017

That list feels shorter than the last few years, but I really love the stories.


And now I can't wait to catch up on all the incredible work that came out this year.

Have a wonderful winter, and thanks for reading!

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